I’m introducing this new landscape series here at Tumblr. Landscape vignettes created in watercolor from memories of growing up in Wisconsin. 

Summer Studio Sale

These four new works, along with over 20 other pieces from my studio archives are now available at my webstore. Contact me here or by email with any questions: j@jacobvanloon.com

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Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs by Katerina Kamprani

on Behance | Facebook | Artist onTumblr

Product designers are often preoccupied with making objects that are as useful as possible. However, Katerina Kamprani

an Athens-based architect and 3d modeller, has created a series of everyday objects called “The Uncomfort ” where just the opposite is true.

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i’m gonna write you a letter

i’m gonna write you a book

i wanna see your reaction

i wanna see how it looks

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The high plains of Oregon. One of my favorite areas. 

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“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

— Vincent van Gogh

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sporty school slob looks

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